12pm @ Schwartz Athletic Center

Women's Basketball vs Utica

12:30 - 1:30pm @ The Dining Hall

Odd/Even Recycling Event

Students bring their recycling to the dining hall, and it will get sorted on if it can be recycled or cannot be. Each team starts with 100 points, if something gets “mis-cycled” that negates a point. Whoever has the most points will win. The second competition is which team recycles the MOST. This will be determined by weight. Any questions can be directed to Carin Smida.

2pm @ Schwartz Athletic Center

Men's Basketball vs RIT

5-7pm @ The Dining Hall

Semiformal Dinner

Put your crown on and get ready to walk the red carpet for semiformal 2018 - MET Gala: Kings and Queens.

7 - 8pm @ Macmillan Lobby

Semiformal Desserts

Concluding the Semi-formal dinner will be desserts in Macmillan lobby before the starting the dance collective

7:30pm @ Phipps Auditorium

Dance Collective

Dance Collective's annual fall show!

10pm - 1am @ Dining Hall

Semiformal 2018 - MET Gala: Kings and Queens

Dance the night away in your crowns and best attire!